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Grief and gratitude

“Our job, as mature adults, is to hold our grief in one hand and our gratitude in the other, and to allow ourselves to be stretched large.” --Francis Weller It was Labor Day when I got my first Monday-morning “Wake Up” email from my friend and fellow-author Leslie Rinchen-Wongmo. She sends out her email “poke” every Monday, and each [...]

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Just sit with me: How to act when visiting a dying friend

“Society should do a better job teaching people how to act – and not act – around a dying person.” (Actual quote from a dying woman) Surely, everyone who visits a terminally ill loved one has good intentions. I have to believe that most visitors want to provide comfort and companionship. Whether they are looking for a chance to offer [...]

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Learning about death the hard way

How did you experience death for the first time? Was it the traumatic death of a pet or did you lose a beloved grandparent? Maybe a kindergarten classmate just disappeared one day and nobody would answer your questions about where they went or what happened. Or maybe the death you experienced was not so emotionally intense: perhaps you found a [...]

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Death doula offers advice about medical aid in dying

To my readers: Many people have asked me whether a death doula could help them access medical aid in dying in Colorado. Since I didn’t know the answer to that question, I invited a death doula to write a guest post. I am grateful to Vanessa Johnston for agreeing to educate us! Joanne By Vanessa Johnston Denver EOL Doula, LLC [...]

What is a “dignified” death?

I had an interesting conversation with Dr. Jean Abbott, a retired physician, ethicist and hospice advocate about the concept of “death with dignity.” As a result of that conversation, I invited her to be a guest blogger so she could share her thoughts directly with you. Leave a comment, below, to tell me what you think about the subject. What [...]

This Is Assisted Dying: How Canada implemented medical aid in dying

In the US, we struggle, state by state, to get medical aid in dying laws passed, while in Canada, the whole country was approved at once in June 2016, through a ruling by the Canadian Supreme Court that required the Parliament of Canada to change the country’s laws to give dying people more control over how their lives end. It [...]

Should people with anorexia be allowed to use medical aid in dying?

In an Op-Ed piece in Sunday’s Denver Post (May 22, 2022), columnist Krista Kafer pushed a couple of my buttons. Those of you who have read my book or followed this blog from the beginning, know how much I dislike the terms “doctor-assisted suicide” and “physician-assisted suicide” when they are used to describe medical aid in dying. If you read [...]

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Another Sad Death

The sheriff stood on my front porch with a woman who was wearing fancy clothes -- her stylish boots had high heels, and she wore a colorful silk scarf around her neck -- obviously not clothes an on-duty female sheriff would wear. Before the sheriff could even open his mouth, my brain did a quick assessment: The sheriff must be [...]

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In Love: A Memoir of Love and Loss

When Amy Bloom’s new book, In Love: A Memoir of Love and Loss, was hitting the shelves at bookstores nationwide, I had just finalized corrections on my memoir’s final formatted pages. I had preordered Bloom’s book as soon as I became aware of it in January, but I had to wait until early March for my local bookstore to deliver [...]

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A Death in Belgium by Euthanasia: The Daily Podcast

For two decades, Belgium law has permitted euthanasia. Euthanasia is similar to medical aid in dying, with one big caveat: US medical aid-in-dying laws require people to self-administer the life-ending drugs, while laws in Belgium permit a doctor to administer the life-ending drug. The hands-on administration of the drug by a physician is what differentiates the death as euthanasia. In [...]

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